C.L. Holley Ministries Inc. 

Comfort and Encouragement 

Adult Sessions
(Non-Religious Versions Available)

Barnabas Training is a powerful comfort and encouragement session where Minister Holley teaches saints how to comfort and encourage others--from learning to be better listeners to using non-verbal communication. The training is offered at no charge but we do accept offerings. See the details on the "Host" page.

Session: The God of My Midnights

Minister Holley takes the audience into his private faith battle after the loss of his son—including the many hurts received at the hand of Christians. He emphasizes why he almost gave up on Christianity and shares the keys that brought him back to God. Based on his popular book, “The God of My Midnights.”

Session: Comforting & Encouraging Others

A powerful interactive session based on the book, “The Power of Christian Comfort.” The session contains eye-opening spiritual keys to comforting and encouraging others—noting that comforting and encouraging are NOT responsibilities for the spiritual elite or church leaders only. All Christians must learn and perfect them.

Session: Forgiveness: Walk Me Through It 

Minister Holley shares biblical insight into why forgiveness is the hardest spiritual act and its importance in the grieving process. Based on his best selling 5-star review book, “Forgiveness: Walk Me Through It,” he uses an interactive session to walk the audience through the power of forgiveness and how to truly desire it.  

Session: Lord, Fix My Leaks: Unleashing the Woman of God in You 

An insightful women’s session that explains the keys of casting off the many weights that hold women back from being all the Lord has called them to be. Based on the book, “Lord, Fix My Leaks,” Minister Holley walks women through the dangerous roadblocks from things such as unforgiveness, low self-esteem, and other stumbling blocks—ending with the power of God to perfect His calling in them.

Preacher / Speaker / Teacher 

Minister Holley also preaches and teaches for many churches and organizations for their church services, VBS, and special programs based on holidays or anniversaries. He also speaks for many non-religious organizations. CL Holley is an ordained Minister (Baptist) and dynamic speaker gifted with the ability to connect with the audience and inspire them to rise to higher heights.