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Hosting a Barnabas Training Session

Thank you for considering being a host for Barnabas training. Here are the general guidelines and please remember these are not written in stone. The church and ministry can work out arrangements outside of these defined in this document.

What is Barnabas training? Barnabas training is an interactive comfort and encouragement session created with lay-persons in mind. Leaders and others are certainly welcomed to attend—however the ministry seeks to increase interaction between lay-persons of the church. The ministry believes most leaders will have already had some form of training while most lay-persons would not.

Barnabas sessions seek to provide attendees with spiritual tools and knowledge to provide better comfort and encouragement to others. The session teaches saints how to discern the needs of others, use key scriptures in certain situations, avoid certain hurtful or insensitive actions, and how to use non-verbal language to comfort and encourage others. The session is based on two books by Minister Holley: The God of My Midnights, and The Power of Christian Comfort.

What is the responsibility of a host church? The ministry is seeking host churches who will provide a building for other churches in their area to conduct this session. The host church, in addition to its own members, will invite other churches to their location to participate. Other host church responsibilities are:

  1. Print copies of session outlines for all attendees (max 10 pages per outline – 5 if printed 2 sided)
  2. Provide registration services for attendees (online and/or manual)
  3. Provide a small meal or snacks for attendees (ministry is willing to assist if needed)
  4. Advertise the event to surrounding churches (low-cost to no-cost, i.e. email, facebook, etc.)
  5. If selling is permitted: Provide a place and opportunity for ministry to sell books (i.e. book table)
  6. OPTIONAL – If the church is over 50 miles from Collierville TN, please consider any amount love offering to assist the ministry with travel cost. Offering can be collected from attendees if desired. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED—only suggested.
  7. Note: The ministry will give 10 free books to all host churches (a $100 value).

Can churches keep the session internal only? Yes. We are aware that some churches may want this only for their members and that is fine. The same host responsibilities above apply to internal-only sessions.

How can a church become a host?  Fill out the host request form below. The ministry will respond soon to work out the details. 

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