C.L. Holley Ministries Inc. 

Comfort and Encouragement 

Soar above the Pain

Soar above the Pain is the true story of the amazing life of C.L. Holley from a poverty stricken childhood as the youngest of ten children, to forging racial friendships during the climatic civil rights era, to the sudden tragic death of his teenage son and the suicidal depression that followed. CL Holley masterfully describes a life of pain, his lack of trust in and rebellion against God, and how the Lord transformed his greatest pain into a powerful ministry of comfort and encouragement that reaches thousands around the world.

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The Power of Christian Comfort

Have you ever been hesitant to comfort someone in need? Is there any advantage in being a Christian when it comes to comforting others? Christians have unique spiritual tools of comfort, but not all Christians know how to use them. Discover the comforting power the Lord has given all Christians and learn to use a simple acronym to help others. Take your comforting power to the next level and become the person others seek in their time of distress. Highly recommended for all Christians, Pastors, and Christian counselors.

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Forgiveness: Walk Me Through It

Have you been hurt by someone? How do you forgive something that hurts so bad? Life carries all kinds of hurts and pain. And in the midst of living we find ourselves struggling to forgive those who have left a lifetime of wounds. But there is a way out of the hurt and pain, and it's found via forgiveness. Read the story of a man whose little girl was molested and murdered, a woman whose father abused and tortured her, a woman whose ex-husband made her life a living hell, and a man whose father was never there for him. See how they all found a way out of the heartache through forgiveness. Recommended for personal, group, or bible class church study.

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Inspiration From the Scriptures

Need daily inspiration and encouragement for the challenges in life? Daily Inspirations contains motivations drawn from the Word of God. Thoughtful and timeless revelations that cast light on the various issues of life. Submerge yourself within these pages and come away encouraged and strengthened everyday.
Reader Testimonies:“Praise God from whom all blessings flow. You seem to always know what to send and when to send it. I appreciate you so much. Thank God for the spiritual discernment He has given you. "In a little while", EVERYTHING will be alright.” - Love you in Jesus, Kathy     

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Lord, Fix My Leaks!

There are many women in the body of Christ who are fighting the fight of faith with vigor and passion, but carrying gigantic leaks in their lives. What are leaks? Unresolved issues are leaks. Hidden issues are leaks. Anything that takes away peace, hinders joy, and shortcuts patience is a leak. Anything that prevents intimacy from developing with the Lord is a leak. Discover the freedom and power of Allowing the Lord to fix your leaks. Recommended for single and married women, youth female groups, and church study groups.

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The God of My Midnights

God, why did You allow this terrible thing to happen? The senseless murder of my loved one, the pain of this disease, the financial struggles I'm going through, the loneliness, depression, and anger of a failed life and relationships. Where are You? The author, a Minister, experiences the sudden tragic death of his teenage son. Afterwards, the family goes through severe depression, sadness, confusion, and doubting of their Christian faith. Just when they thought all joy and happiness was lost, they found God in a personal way! Perfect for personal study or church grief group study.

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