C.L. Holley Ministries Inc. 

Comfort and Encouragement 

                                       Inspirational Speaker

CL Holley speaks at various venues and groups on a variety of topics. His attention-grabbing style of communication combined with out-of-the-box demonstrations are quickly becoming well-known among adults and youths. To book CL Holley as an inspirational speaker for your upcoming event or to speak to your business or group, just click on the link below and fill out the request form. CL Holley speaks to  

*Youth groups (including schools)
* Businesses (Owners, Leaders, and Employees)
* College and University Students
* Athletes
* Families
* Churches and other Non-profits
* Diversity Groups
* Government based organizations

Speaker rates differ depending on length of speaking engagement and travel requirements. The ministry will provide a rate and estimated travel cost after receiving event details. Discounted rates for churches, schools, and colleges.

Below are some of the topics. Most topics come in two versions--Christian based containing scriptures and biblical examples and Non-religious versions for public or private organizations and institutions.

Be Bold and Courageous!: A powerful anti-bullying presentation for youths and college students.  Christian and Non-religious versions available.

* Who AM I? An out-of-the-box presentation for high school and college students about the value of good character versus great achievements. CL Holley shares his personal college battles, traps he fell into, struggles, achievements, and the things that really mattered in life: Good character. Christian and Non-religious versions available.     

* Cultivating Business Relationships: A thought provoking presentation on why and how business owners and leaders should make employee, customer, and client relationships a top priority. Examples taken from the personal life of CL Holley.  Christian and Non-religious versions available.

* Comforting & Encouraging Employees & Co-workers: An outstanding presentation of wisdom and insight geared toward helping everyone in the company from CEO to Janitor, overcome diversity barriers of culture, background, and beliefs to reach out and encourage their co-workers.   Christian and Non-religious versions available.

* Overcoming Adversity:  An inspirational presentation on the keys to overcoming the many challenges of life. Taken from the personal struggles of CL Holley and his family after the sudden tragic death of his teenage son. This presentation only available in Christian version.

*Embracing Diversity in the Workplace and in Life: CL Holley exposes the root of the fear of diversity and shares several keys to embracing those who don't look, think, or behave  in a familiar way. There is strength in diversity, but first we must overcome the fear.