C.L. Holley Ministries Inc. 

Comfort and Encouragement 

Youth Sessions
(Non-Religious Versions Available)

Overcoming Challenges

Learning to express emotions and take positive actions when challenges occur. Anger, fear, and anxiety are just a few emotions youth tend to struggle with. Learn keys to overcoming these deadly emotions and how to walk in peace and confidence in God.
Secrets to Godly Dating

Biblical and practical teaching for dating that pleases God. There are many pitfalls for youths today. Therefore, clear guidence and teaching on the subject of dating is needed.
Building Godly Character

Learning valuable principles such as respect, honesty, and trustworthiness. An interactive session filled with fun and excitement yet emphasizes the word of God when it comes to character building.
Overcoming Peer Pressure

Learn to embrace a relationship with Jesus as number one priority and to resist ungodly temptations, attitudes, and actions from others. A powerful session on learning who God is and who He has created youths to be--Holy like Himself.
Overcoming Parents Divorce or Separation

Learning to move beyond the common traps of parental problems. Loving and forgiving them both while being a peace maker as the bible instructs.
Perfecting Your Faith

A convicting and heart touching lesson that inspires youths to live for Christ in challenging times.